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Product Details
Moments of Faith Sculptures
Item No: ArkTemple
These one of a kind reproductions of some of the greatest pieces of Biblical History. Perfect for a bookshelf, the corner of a desk, or a pastoral gift! The hand casted, bronze finished Ark of the Covenant comes on a black satin wooden base with felt backing, and removable lid. This reproduction also comes with reproductions of the 10 commandments, Aaron's Rod, and a bowl of Manna. It is inscribed with Ezekiel 37:26-27. It is 5.5"Hx7.5"Lx5.5"W. Solomon's Temple is made of hand casted, stone finished resin. It comes on a black satin wood base with felt backing, and gold accents. It is inscribed with Psalm 27:4. It is 4.5"Hx9.5"Lx5.75"W.
Ark of the Convenant
Solomon's Temple
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